Gretna Green

from Martha by Martha



I said “I don’t believe in marriage,
It’s a Patriarchal scam”.
You said “meet me at the station,
Train departs at 6am”,
I packed my bags and left my politics in bed,
And I waited on the platform,
With your smile stuck in my head.

So we went through the rain to the place where we found our hearts.
They were buried under shit and old debris.
And I swear that I had something,
And I know you felt it too,
But that commute at Quintinshill defeated me.

In spite of everything I’ve done,
I’ll knuckle down, I’ll carry on,
In spite of everything that’s wrong,
I’ll try to write a hopeful song,
No matter where I go,
No matter what I do,
My heart will always be at Gretna Green,
Waiting there for you.

At Gretna, I wait for you.


The Quintinshill Rail Disaster happened in Scotland on 22nd May 1915. It remains the worst rail crash in UK history in terms of death toll, killing 226 people and involving five separate trains. It having occurred just a couple of miles from Gretna Green, a place symbolic of young love and recklessness, lends another layer of bittersweet tragedy to the disaster. This song is about a couple ripped apart by the crash, and deals with the idea of enduring love. In that sense, if no other, it’s a love song.


from Martha, released February 10, 2012




Martha Durham, UK

Martha is a pop band from Durham city.


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