Sight For Sore Eyes

from Love Keeps Kicking by Martha



A moment of hesitation,
Another minute staring at a screen,
Like a painter that blushes at bodies, embarrassed,
I don't want to be seen,
I’ll just pick at some blue-tac,
I may as well start with something small,
But I’ve got a feeling that I’ll just be leaving that poster on my wall

A photograph is like an hourglass sometimes,
I was confused and in a daze when I found you,

Oh my god you're a sight for sore eyes,
Some ironic pseudonym,
Nothing left could save me,
I was ready to give in,
Oh my god you're a sight for sore eyes,
Weathered, weary, brittle, blue,
Light broke through the clouds,
When I saw that it was really, truly you

You try to extinguish the heartache,
I told you that I rarely go outside,
Isabelle Eberhardt wouldn't know where to start,
I’ll just float out with the tide,
When a month is a minute,
We never have the time to say farewell,
Is this what it means when you love and you leave,
And the grief kicks in again

A photograph is like an hourglass sometimes
I was confused and in a daze when I left you

Life goes on,
I still see you in the images and stories
That still clutter every empty space
Upon these walls, inside my head,
I’ll keep breathing till I'm out of breath.
I wonder if you'll hear me cry for help

A photograph is all I got till you get back


from Love Keeps Kicking, released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



Martha Durham, UK

Martha is a pop band from Durham city.


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