Standing where it all began

from Martha by Martha



Standing where it all began

Shove me down these narrow stairs,
I’m nowhere even close to being scared,
This grim fiasco’s growing stale,
A plastic mask to hide the frown,
I’m rumbled and the only way is down,
Let’s ditch this joint and get away,
Lightning shouldn’t hit me twice,
Hemingway survived two fated flights,
Then found salvation in himself,
Oh the disarray that it creates,
You left me like a jester spinning plates,
I’m suffering a dizzy spell.

The rent gets paid.
My wheels rotate,
And everyday I want to tell you things that I can’t bring myself to say.
What’s that? The sound of falling plates,
Yeah well I’m the one to blame,
I’m the one to blame, I’m the one to blame.

Keep doing what you’ve always done,
Keep getting what you’ve always got,
Still standing where it all began,
Still living in the town that time forgot.

“I want to tell you how I feel, but I don’t want you to know”


In his relatively short life Ernest Hemingway managed to survive two separate plane crashes, before eventually dying at his own hands.


from Martha, released February 10, 2012




Martha Durham, UK

Martha is a pop band from Durham city.


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