You called in sick for work,
Leaving some details unspoken,
And spent the day in bed,
Cause your beating heart was broken,
Paracetamol and Countdown,
On mute on the TV,
Thinking “have I always been like this?”
The arithmetic repeats,

Mulling over your achievements,
Everything you haven’t done,
Chalking off another milestone,
Close the curtains, set the sun,
Never ever wanna ever wanna go outside,
Pull that duvet close and tight,
Just ignore the dying light,
Count back to one,

They say do whatever feels right,
But nothing ever feels right,
Weighing up the options,
Do nothing, do nothing.
Do nothing all day, when that song plays, your hands cover your face,
Feels like nothings ever gonna change,

Years ago sat by the road,
Waiting for the van to tow us home,
I was cursing my old car,
And you were looking at the stars and you said,
“Everything is infinite but nothing is eternal”
“Naïve romantic shite” I thought until I wrote it in my journal.

I won’t ever claim to have an answer,
I’m just hoping there’s a chance that,
When the darkness gets around to leaving,
We can get together for an evening,

Nothing is eternal,
Nothing is eternal,
Everything is infinite,
But nothing is eternal.


from Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart, released July 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Martha Durham, UK

Martha is a pop band from Durham city.


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